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June 30, 2009Green v. Haskell CountyAnother Ten Commandments monument is under fire in Oklahoma.  The NLF files a brief to try to convince the full Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals to hear the case.

June 19, 2009—Alpha Delta Chi v. ReedA state university in California is trying to tell Christian students with whom they may associate.  The NLF is working to stop the injustice.  Read our brief here.

June 11, 2009—World Wide Street Preachers Fellowship v. Town of Columbia—Policemen in Louisiana have been denying Christians the right to preach in public places.  The NLF is fighting to put a stop to it.  Read our brief here.

June 8, 2009—Salazar v. BuonoA war memorial cross in the desert and the Establishment Clause:  the latest battle rages in the Supreme Court over protecting Americans’ right to commemorate their military heroes on and off public lands.  Read the NLF’s brief in the case here.



Welcome to the National Legal Foundation! 

The NLF is a Christian public interest law firm dedicated to the preservation of America's freedom and constitutional rights. Since the organization was founded in 1985, we have been actively involved in defending religious liberty throughout the courtrooms of the United States. Our efforts, however, do not stop at the courtroom door. 

Our goal is to make the American people aware of the law's personal impact. The erosion of our religious freedom is real. If our leaders and citizens in communities across America are not aware of the danger, they will be ill-prepared to respond when their rights are violated. It is this lack of readiness that the National Legal Foundation seeks to remedy.


The 8th Circuit allows pro-life citizens of Missori to display "Choose Life" specialty license plates. Read our brief in the case here.

Victory in Texas! The Fifth Circuit protects students’ right to pray and upholds Texas’s Moment of Silence that begins each public school day. Read our brief from the case here.

Victory for the Ten Commandments! The Supreme Court overturns the 10th Circuit's decision that would force cities and towns to display unwanted monuments if they displayed the Ten Commandments. Read the brief we wrote in this case here.

A Federal court rules that a Montana church can make political petitions available without interference from the state. Read the brief we wrote in this case here.




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